Transitioning To All Natural Cleaning

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During this project you will find it easier and smoother to transition into all natural house cleaning. It is our mission to ditch the tox and that starts today with eliminating all the chemical cleaning products.

To be honest, it took me about 3 months to go 100% chemical free with my routines. If it takes you some time getting used to, it’s totally okay. Don’t feel like you aren’t doing something right or you just can’t possibly clean your home with old fashioned baking soda, you can. You have to learn how. And we will walk you through that right now.

How To Transition To All Natural Cleaning

Natural Cleaning Lesson-

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YAY! Congratulations on making it to this part of your decluttering journey. I want you to take a deep breath and immediately go right now to look under your kitchen sink. Come back to comment with the first cleaning product you spotted. Pull it out and toss it if it has chemicals in it. If you’re not sure, ask below.

Each day you will eliminate a household cleaning product that is toxic. Basically the long and short of it…everything has toxins. Even water. I quickly learned that I didn’t enjoy purchasing new labeled greenwashing companies cleaning products because they still had some type of hidden chemicals in them.

For example: anything that reads “Organic”, all natural, eco friendly; still has chemicals in them. They don’t have to market this because they are not regulated. I will say however, some companies are improving. But, it’s much safer to concoct your own, or just use plain ol’ baking soda, mild soap as is. I personally love dumping a little baking soda in the sinks with Castile soap and giving them a good scrub.

What is greenwashing
  • Take your time slowly getting rid of old products. Start with the ones you absolutely cannot stand to use and go from there
  • Be mindful of the ‘aisles’ at the grocery store. Every item has some type of chemical in it, so to avoid purchasing, simply avoid this aisle. Opt for baking soda and white vinegar instead
  • Use a mild soap to get familiar with the very basic of cleaning (you don’t need much at all to clean)
  • Sometimes hot water or any water is good enough to clean with. Dampen a cloth and wipe
  • Mindset is everything when transitioning from store bought products to DIY, homemade cleaning. Remind yourself everyday that this is what you want. This is what the Earth deserves and don’t give up

What’s your favorite DIY cleaning spray? Mine is simply water, alcohol and lemongrass oil or peppermint. For wood I swap the alcohol for vodka and the oil I use is orange.

Introduce Yourself

Comment below and tell us where you are at in your no tox cleaning journey!

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