How To Declutter Your Entire Life

We talk a lot about decluttering our homes but what about our entire lives? Today we are going to share the 3 basic categories of clearing out the clutter so that you can start 2023 off right. A declutter of one’s home is not that easy if you’ve never been accustom to this lifestyle. The hoarding mentality that I spoke about on IG is real. It’s often times that we don’t even acknowledge what we accumulate until it’s become overwhelming.

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Declutter Your Entire Life

Our program is designed to help you combat the clutter in all areas of life so that you can break free from everything that has been holding you back from being true to who you naturally want to be. If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, tired, just down right exhausted, it’s time for change. We’re going to get to work to bring authentic happiness and wellness back into your life.

This is just the beginning

Week One – Mindset: clearing the mind for peace, mental clarity and emotional breakthrough

Day 1 Getting To Know Yourself

  • do something today that you’ve been meaning to do but keep pushing off
  • take extra slow moments to provide the self care that you normally would rush IE: take time in the shower really pampering yourself, thinking about yourself a little more, what you want and how you want to feel, eat a meal without any disruptions, taking walks, embracing nature leave the phone for about 15 minutes while you take time to sit quietly, close your eyes, relax your shoulders, think about/meditate on your desires, envision where you’d like to be in 6 months, breathe in and out slowly/deeply, calm your mind and truly hug yourself in this moment
  • make a positive list of all the things you feel about yourself, wish to improve, name some nice features about you

Day 2 Morning Routine

I talk a lot about creating structured routines and this is imperative in your growth.

  • create a morning routine that sets you up for everyday success. This starts with going to bed and waking at the same time generally speaking. Open the blinds, make the bed, express gratitude, do your tasks like getting coffee and/or breakfast in a slow living pattern
  • do not turn to your phone first thing in the morning. Start with a mini yoga/meditation/affirmations guide before getting ready for the day. Give yourself at least 2 hours to get ready before heading out. Whatever your day looks like always be sure your mornings aren’t rushed
  • make it a habit to tidy up your living space and declutter before leaving the home

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A few moments is really all that is necessary to do little things each morning and evening. When you decide what works best for you and your schedule, form that habit that is going to help you create this style of living for future days ahead.

Wake up each day at the same time. If you have an automatic alarm clock that’s even better, but allowing yourself to wake at the same time typically every day allows us a better mindset and lifestyle that we desire to have.

If it helps to lie in bed for a few moments before you get up and express your gratitude then this checks off one thing already on your list.

Open the blinds to allow nature’s energy in, make the bed and tidy up your bedroom before heading out into the main living area.

Do tasks and self care routines in slower motion. Not rushing is a part of the slow living movement and will set you up for a successful mindset shift.

Say your affirmations and give yourself at least 15 minutes alone without the phone or any disruptions.

Eat a healthy meal, drink coffee and clean up your space by decluttering the countertops, floors and laundry.

How To Perform A Mindset Declutter

Day 3 Affirm

Affirmations are crucial in your mindset transformation. I want you to get used to saying these things over and over again every single day to remind yourself of how important this is to your overall well being. This all ties into your life’s purpose so dedicate time daily to incorporate this into your routines.

i am worthy
i am healthy
i am rich
i am committed

i am beautiful

i am powerful

Now these don’t all have to be said in one day, pick your favorite one (or your own) that relates to what you want to change and then say them 30-50 times each day. Also, don’t just say these words, feel the emotion attached with it. [ I started crying on many occasions ].

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Saying the positive words I AM______ transforms the mindset and allows the universe to hear us. Repeat the one saying 30-50 times (you can say a few different ones in the same setting IE: I AM WORTHY, I AM FREE, I AM DETERMINED or whatever relates to what you are trying to shift).

If your desire is to receive money then you would focus your affirmations on a wealthy saying/mindset: I AM WEALTHY, I DESERVE MONEY, I AM RICH. This trains your brain to believe you are already wealthy, and then you will receive the money/confidence/clean space. Do these daily.

Find a quiet space to say your affirmations. Write these down/journal what you want to shift.

Get the full version (all days and weeks of decluttering) here!

Be sure to download the Mindset Shifts in the link above.

Week 2-3 Home Declutter

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Grab the home decluttering challenge here.

Day 6 Living Area

  • Remove anything on the floors that do not belong there
  • Keep throw blankets and pillows to a minimum (donate but keep your favorite)
  • Donate/Toss books, magazine, albums, cd’s you never use or want anymore
  • Declutter end tables, remove bulky furniture and sell on marketplace or donate
  • Sell or donate excess art on the walls
  • Store and declutter pet toys in a nice basket No shoes in the living area rule
  • Discard any odd cords, dvd’s, gadgets that are just pile up

Day 7 Bedrooms

  • Make bed daily, wash linens weekly and donate sheets/blankets so you only have 2 sets for each bed in the home
  • Dab some lemon oil or just warm water on a cloth to dust. Remove extra décor and things that don’t need to be stored on your nightstands keeping a lamp only (everything else should be moved off daily-it’s not a storage space)
  • Vacuum every other day if you have pets
  • Get rid of excess furniture (3 piece rule)
  • Declutter under the bed so it’s clear

Day 8 Closet Purge

  • Starting from the left side of the closet remove any clothing hanging that you wish to rid of and place in a bag for donation/toss
  • Declutter any upper shelves that have too much stuff on them.
  • Fold jeans/sweaters but place in organizing baskets to give a cleaner look
  • Discard any old shoes or donate the ones you no longer need, want or wear
  • Purge all the accessories, seasonal wear, handbags
  • Free up the floor space so nothing is stored on floor

The Mini Closet Purge

Day 9 Bathrooms

  • Toss expired medicine, old products from the shower stall and under cabinets, donate any small appliances that you no longer use Towels = the amount of people using that bathroom X2 (4 people = 8 towels in the closet)
  • Empty trash daily
  • Donate/toss extra shower liners, curtains, rugs, linens and keep to a minimal
  • Go through drawers often to prevent pile up. Organize with space dividers

Days 10-18 include kitchen, laundry, exterior of home and more. Make sure you download that section of this declutter to finish the challenge. And no, this doesn’t have to be rushed. Pace yourselves and do in your own time. Share in our group.

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Decluttering Challenges

I’d be lying if I told you that decluttering was a one time thing. It’s a lifestyle and I never recommend pushing these challenges off until a specific season hits. If you wait until spring or summer, it becomes overwhelming and we do not promote that here. It is our mission to keep things stress free and we do this by crafting everyday little projects until we get to a place of ‘feel good vibes.’

The 30 day challenge that you are downloading here is to assist you in creating the best habits to fit your lifestyle. Obviously everything and everyone is different, so make adjustments accordingly but follow a strict routine for the entire month.

Week 4 Life Declutter

Includes days 19-end of month

Everything in life is vibration

Albert Einstein

Download this section here

In order to declutter your life you’ll need to raise your vibration each and every day by doing some of the things we already talked about like: gratitude, affirmations, eating healthier and creating structured routines.

Incorporate more positive thoughts to enhance your mood, attract wealthier experiences, more money and happiness.

Know, Discover Your Purpose

Having a purpose in life is one of the fundamental factors of happiness. Your life purpose consists of the core motivation of your life, the reasons why you get up in the morning.

When you pursue your purpose, your life becomes filled with direction and meaning.

Ditch The Tox

People who want to improve their quality of life will dedicate themselves to continuously eliminate any negative energy, toxic people and even the products they use.

Learn to say no, stop shopping in the chemical cleaning and beauty aisles, and do what feels best for you.

Believe You Are Someone That Does The Habit – James Clear

In order to achieve whatever it is you’re seeking out, you must believe you are someone that can and will do whatever it is that you wish to do.

IE: If I believe I am wealthy then I will be. If I believe I’m a clean person, then I will be. If I believe decluttering is healthy…then my home and life will be exactly the way I envision.

So believe you are the person that you want to be.

Progress Not Perfection

Rather than seeking out the perfection, seek out some progress. No one’s life or home or mind will ever be perfect. We have flaws and stuff accumulates all of the time. The secret is to do what you can when you’re feeling your best and be proud of little achievements.

Make a list of all the things you want to do but feel like it’s too much. Take a moment to do what you can even if it’s just a little thing and check it off. So instead of completely finishing it, do part of it and then add another check mark next to it each time you do that task until it’s complete.

The next 6 days can be finished when you download the last part of the ebook. It’s set up for an intentional 30 day declutter of your entire life but as I mentioned above, TAKE the time to create this lifestyle that goes deep into the new year and years to come.

Feel free to reach out, leave comments and share your journey in the group. If you haven’t joined yet, here’s how to gain access.

Xo- V

How often do you declutter? Mentally, physically and emotionally?

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