30 Things You Can Toss Right Now

It’s super easy to get distracted with everyday busy life, so here’s 30 things you can start throwing away immediately. Don’t allow yourself to think too much about whether or not you want to keep something, just ask yourself…then get rid of it. Whether you donate or place in the garbage, the feeling afterwards is going to be soothing, and such a relief.

So much that you’re going to get addicted to this project. I like to do these mini challenges every month.

What Things Can You Declutter

  • Old Stained Clothing
  • Books that aren’t being read
  • Papers, magazines
  • Office and craft supplies
  • Handbags that have seen better days
  • Chipped dinnerware
  • Excess Mugs
  • Toxic beauty products
  • Bulky photo albums (switch photos into shadowbox, disc)
  • Old nasty towels, linens (donate to shelters)
  • Dingy pillows (invest in new ones because pillows can harbor toxins)
  • Bad Memories
  • Toxic people
  • Cleaning products with chemicals in them
  • Small appliances that never get used or need upgrading
  • Excessive silverware
  • Nasty shoes
  • Expired foods/medicine
  • High school memorabilia
  • Dvd’s, cd’s, gadgets
  • Cords that belong to nothing
  • Old tools, lightbulbs, toxic gardening items
  • Old Receipts/Taxes older than 5 years
  • Kitchen utensils that need to be updated
  • Things from past relationships
  • Bulky furniture/outdates
  • Extra plants, art and home decor
  • Collectibles that aren’t valuable
  • Candles (so toxic)
  • Email and phone declutter

Here’s The Challenge

Give yourself 1 week to declutter at least some of the items on your list. It doesn’t have to be exact things. You can obviously substitute the stuff to whatever fits your lifestyle. These are just ideas.

Come back here and comment with what you’ve gotten rid of after the week is up. Then continue on and take some before and after pics. Share your list with the group. If you’re not involved, join today.

How To Declutter Your Entire Life

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