The Uncluttered Project was founded by a decluttering expert, Victoria DeCroce who mastered minimalism, ditched the tox and broke free from all the guilt, shame, and fear associated with all the lies. You see, this lifestyle isn’t just about decluttering the physical things, it’s the emotional and mental clutter that gets transformed as well. 

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How To Live Authentically

The Uncluttered Project

Was created to help you discover a true passion for a lifestyle that you desire in hopes to find authentic happiness during the process. Rather than just a yearly spring clean we focus on daily minimal routines that sets us up for success, wellness and stress free living. It’s designed to master a specific lifestyle that you enjoy, created by none other than yourself. You learn how you want to live and act upon it to receive the outcome you’ve been longing for.

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Our Mission: simple, happy, stress free, all natural, authentic living

Our Mission

To Live Simply

We focus more on the art of slow living rather than exhausting deep cleans. This allows us to enjoy the nature of cleaning, decluttering and organizing because they all must be done in order to maintain some style of sanity, so do it simply and creatively.

Clean Less

Cleaning becomes daunting when it’s in depth and constant. In order to clean less we must eliminate over 90% of the clutter. The laundry becomes minimal, the scrubbing disappears, the cleaning becomes very basic.

Gain Freedom

When we declutter our home, life and mind we earn real freedom. The freedom to do what we want, when we want. To breathe in a way that we couldn’t before when we felt cluttered. Free from guilt, shame and sabotage.

Do More Of What We Love

You start finding time to provide better self care, book the trips that you’ve been dreaming of and living a life with pure intention. Our choices and desires change making it easier to do more of what we actually love doing.

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The Uncluttered Project is more than just a declutter of one’s clothing, personal items, ‘things.’ It’s about mindset transformations, healthier living, authentic happiness, pure sanity. Adopting the mission simply opens the doors to new beginnings, healing, wellness, forgiveness, creativity, self worth and the person that you want to be. No rules, just living! Exactly the way you want. The choices are all yours. You create the spaces, the surroundings, the things you’re drawn to.

Finally A Chance To Break Free From All The Clutter

{the guilt, the shame, the lies, the fear}

You’re here and that speaks volumes. Take this journey however you want it to go. It’s yours. All yours. There are no rules. The only rule is that you show up, hold yourself accountable and start crafting the life you desire. That’s the joy of this project. You can watch all the videos and read all the tips, but you’re the one taking action. So enjoy the process and do it exactly however you’re comfortable doing it. We’ve got your back!

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If you’ve been struggling with where to start, how to overcome the exhaustion, anxiety and stressful cleaning routines, this is your moment to join something so much bigger than clearing up the dirty laundry that’s been sitting in the hamper. 

It’s About Time We Truly Start Living

less stress, more time to do what you love

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Declutter Your Entire Life

Learn How To Start The Decluttering Process

If you’re stuck and don’t know where to start, no worries at all. Decluttering is so much more than just a few closet purges per year. It’s a lifestyle that we help you craft in a way that feels right to you. We don’t allow you to feel shame or guilt during the process. Our program is designed to transform your entire life through daily mindfulness, mindset shifts, decluttering challenges, chemical free cleaning, stress free routines, minimalism without going full blown minimalist, slow living and living your natural, best life.

What’s Going To Happen During This Decluttering Journey

  • mindset shifts
  • energy healing
  • natural, stress free cleaning routines
  • more time to do what you love
  • letting go with ease
  • journaling for wellness
  • daily lifestyle habit transformations
  • decluttering challenges (both simple + intense)
  • go at your own pace
  • it’s a lifestyle not a chore
  • minimalism with your own style
  • slowing down to embrace life’s purpose
  • creating what feels authentic to you
  • learning to forgive, accepting, and breaking free from limiting beliefs
  • becoming you
  • self love and worthiness
  • money mastery
  • healthy living

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Join Us

Jump in the driver seat, grab a cuppa and let’s begin your journey to decluttering your entire life. Connect with other like minded women who are taking control once and for all.

You’ll get into our program and start noticing a tremendous amount of weight lifted immediately.

Remember that this is YOUR life. You’re in control and it’s about to get REAL up in here.

I’m so proud of you.

If I can suggest one thing it is that you take action today, now. This is your time to get honest with who you want to be. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Free Mental Health Sessions

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How To Go Minimal Without Becoming A Full Blown Minimalist