To Decluttering, Organizing and Cleaning

Simplify your home, life and mind with this ebook designed to help you go minimal, ditch the tox and start living again.

29 Page Ebook With Checklists, Guides, and Exercises To A Better You

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Victoria will introduce simple, easy routines to help you go more minimal decluttering often, organizing and introducing all natural cleaning recipes to your everyday household to do list.

What’s Included:

  • what is minimalism (my own definition and how it will impact your life)
  • daily decluttering tips (no, nothing exhausting or overwhelming…we ditched that a long time ago)
  • chemical free cleaning & breezy clean up tips
  • closet purging (how to tackle it so it feels empowering and stylish)
  • worksheets to print and write on
  • minted mindset [mentally and emotionally breaking free from all the clutter]
  • the difference between decluttering and organizing and what to do with each of them
  • tricks I use to remain clutter free
  • inspiration and motivation challenges
  • things you can stop doing today that eliminate the overload
  • 30 minute room declutter and other challenges


  • Mindset Quiz
  • Daily Checklists
  • Special 1:1 discount code
  • Links To My Favorite Products
  • Find Your Style
  • Quotes Throughout

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Written By Victoria DeCroce
Decluttering Expert, No Tox Enthusiast, Mom, Blogger, Wellness Coach

I’m a retired professional house cleaner turned no tox snob who minimizes the daily clutter that we surprisingly accumulate out of nowhere. I mentor young moms who wish to start cleaning chemical free, live with less clutter and ditch the negative vibes that creep into our busy lives.

I’m based in SW FL and work from anywhere teaching you how to build a brand from the blog up on CAM. It’s my second lover in case you’re interested. Yes, this lifestyle also taught me how to dig myself out of debt, become a multi-millionaire and be the woman I envisioned myself to be.

The Uncluttered Project is life changing. After I discovered authentic happiness and the natural healing that came with decluttering often, I set out to share our mission: less stress, less cleaning and more living! It’s something I can talk about all day long. But, unless you actually adopt the lifestyle, you will never know what genuine freedom feels like. Join us today and embark on a life less cluttered. Because no mom deserves to feel smothered! Ever.

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