Regain Your Sanity With A Declutter of Your Entire Life

Wellness, natural healing, mindset and energy, no more feeling smothered; emotionally, physically or mentally

Our Mission: crafting a style of living that feels genuinely authentic to who we were meant to be!

Hello! Welcome to The Uncluttered Project. It is so lovely to meet you. We are beyond ecstatic that you’re here to join the mission. It’s a life that you’re creating to fulfill your purpose here on Earth and we invite you to embrace these beginning stages because it’s truly the everyday effort that we put in that sets us up for a lifetime of happiness.

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How To Join

When you join the project you are dedicating your entire life to a new style of living that fits best in your world. In an effort to make this as successful as possible for you and your family we ask that you follow the steps for joining in order. You do not have to do each of them, but keep in mind that being part of the mission is to include yourself in as much as possible. An active project is a healthy one.

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Our Programs.

Include mindset, energy & natural healing sessions, cleaning, decluttering, organizing, slow living, going minimalist, simplified routines and crafting a wellness that feels good to you. No one tells you how to live or clean, we just guide you on a healthy lifestyle created by none other than you.

As a member of our project it’s important to start adopting the lifestyle whether that’s slowly overtime or you’re a master at decluttering. We don’t expect perfection, but we do prefer a quality of living that involves some type of clutter clearing; mentally, physically, emotionally within the home & personal space.

You are responsible for holding yourself accountable for adopting a life less cluttered. It’s not just about the items you hold within your homes that gets overwhelming. We tend to accumulate more than we’ll ever need and it’s our job to be mindful of what we bring into our spaces, as well as with who we associate ourselves with, how we go about daily activities, energy and routines.

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