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Wellness, natural healing, mindset and energy, no more feeling smothered; emotionally, physically or mentally

Our Mission: crafting a style of living that feels genuinely authentic to who we were meant to be

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Hello and welcome to The Uncluttered Project. It is so lovely to meet you. We are beyond ecstatic that you want to join the mission. It’s a life that you’re creating to fulfill your purpose here on Earth and we invite you to embrace these beginning stages because it’s truly the everyday effort that we put in that sets us up for a lifetime of happiness.

How To Join

  • Sign The Pledge– It’s important for you to read, sign and dedicate yourself to the habits, commitments and understanding of what our mission is all about. Sign Here.
  • Become A Member– If you do not have a FB account we suggest you create one to gain access. This is where all guides will be: presentations, videos, charts, challenges and more. You also get to connect with like minded, supportive friends on this journey and this is where you can find an accountability partner. Get into the group.
  • Introduce Yourself– It’s not easy to put yourself out there but we are a private community SUPPORTING you because you DESERVE this. Take a moment to create an intro post within the group.
  • Submit A Story– We are proud to share your story whether it’s public or private because without a story, others cannot relate, learn or grow. It is our mission to teach, support and connect with like minded individuals who currently struggle or have gone through tough, personal experiences. Success stories are not only inspirational but help others take action. Here’s what we are looking for.
  • Become An Ambassador– Every project needs a team. Start using the hashtag #theunclutteredproject and sharing relative posts on social media to influence people to join the movement. The program is designed to help you grow as a decluttering expert to gain your own clients and build a business. Read More About Becoming An Influencer.

When you join the project you are dedicating your entire life to a new style of living that fits best in your world. In an effort to make this as successful as possible for you and your family we ask that you follow the steps for joining in order. You do not have to do each of them, but keep in mind that being part of the mission is to include yourself in as much as possible. An active project is a healthy one.

Our 90 Day Program includes mindset, energy and natural healing sessions, cleaning, decluttering, organizing, slow living, going minimalist, simplified routines and crafting a style for your own wellness. No one tells you how to live or clean, we just guide you on a healthy lifestyle created by none other than you.

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Once you’ve done the basics above to join, it’s time to get connected.

As a member of our project it’s important to start adopting the lifestyle whether that’s slowly overtime or you’re a master at decluttering. We don’t expect perfection, but we do prefer a quality of living that involves some type of clutter clearing; mentally, physically, emotionally within the home.


You are responsible for holding yourself accountable for adopting a life less cluttered. It’s not just about the items you hold within your homes that gets overwhelming. We tend to accumulate more than we’ll ever need and it’s our job to be mindful of what we bring into our spaces, as well as who we associate ourselves with, how we go about daily activities, energy and routines.

Need an accountability partner?

Join our community and post in the group asking for an accountability partner. This is the best way to get one fast. Just think…someone in there is also looking for you to help them through all of this. An accountability partner is someone who checks in with you often throughout the week, supports you on this journey and holds you accountable for making the necessary changes. Together is better. Some of us just need that special person to walk through the challenges with.

Next Steps:

Be Inclusive– If you’re an introvert like myself it’s time to try to do something different and get more involved. This sets you up for a lifestyle change, offers support to other community members, inspires someone who needs the motivation. Comment on the posts within the group, mark the guides as complete, share your own posts.

Share A Mini Video Introducing Yourself– I think this is a challenge for most but, I am asking you to do this to BREAK FREE from the introvert in you and start challenging yourself to just BE. There’s no shame or guilt. Just a feeling of realization and coming to own what you want from life. It doesn’t have to be long at all. Just a short intro telling us who you are, where you’re from, maybe how big your family is, if you are very new to decluttering, mindset and energy work or you’ve been practicing it for a while. Let’s get to know you better. That’s the only way we can support one another.

Create A Vision Board

To Do List

  • Download Your Checklists
  • Like and Follow Us On FB (this is our new page and we’ll be sharing lots of FREE tips here)
  • Invite your friends to our page and encourage them to join the project
  • Go at your own pace but do check in often for new posts, challenges, etc
  • Comment on one post in the group that you find relevant to you
  • Before & After – it’s time for you to take a photo of a project you’re working on at home and share….we want to see the before and after pics