What If I Told You That The Laundry Days Are Over

When I first started this decluttering journey of mine I never imagined my laundry schedule would become so minimal. I mean, I barely ever do it anymore…..

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“Clutter is not just the stuff piled on the floor, under the bed, hidden in a closet or a drawer; it’s everything that gets in your way of living the life you truly desire”


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About The Project

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you’re probably sick and tired of the overwhelming cleaning routines around the house. Am I right Mama? I hear you. I’m probably the laziest house cleaner you’ll ever meet and when I say that you can simplify your routines like a boss, I sure do mean it! Read more

Let’s Get Cozy

How To Go Minimal Without Becoming A Full Blown Minimalist

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In this 17 page e-book I walk you through the ways you can start your decluttering journey to adopt more of a minimalist lifestyle without feeling like everything is being taken away from you!

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Ready To Embark On A Life Less Cluttered?

Are you tired of the overwhelm, just plain out exhausted to the point where you know you need help? Let’s tackle this scene together. Book a free 30 minute home tour (you can be in the rooms that you just want help with) so that you don’t have to walk through this alone. Sometimes all it takes is another set of eyes to help pull you through the toughest days. After the tour you’ll have unlimited support through text and emails whenever you need.

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If you’re ready to stop stressing over all the things invading your space, your mind and who you are, let’s put your feet in motion, throw in those dirty towels and start living again!

On The ‘Gram

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Join our private online community of supportive, like minded women who take the mini challenges, show up, do the work and commit to a life less cluttered. We focus on the emotional, physical and mental clutter that we all face on a daily basis. Let’s do this together.

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The Uncluttered Project was founded in 2017 by Victoria DeCroce, a decluttering expert who quickly realized that the ‘stuff’ we accumulate everyday had to be controlled. In a fast paced world it’s easy to lose track of what’s truly important; our sanity. While the physical things invade our spaces, so do the mental and emotional clutter. This project is designed to help you overcome the stress and anxiety that comes with owning ‘too much’. It’s about taking back our lives and being in control of everything that’s going on around us. We focus on minimalism but you don’t have to become a full blown minimalist to reap the benefits of this lifestyle. Slow living, no tox cleaning, simple routines is what we’re all about. Living authentically and doing what feels right to you.

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The Uncluttered Project is designed to give you back your freedom. Freedom from guilt, shame, the lies and fear.

It’s Time To Break Free

No more shame, guilt or fear. No more lies. It’s time to break free from it all. Take a good look around you. Are you feeling overwhelmed with just the sight of the mess. And I’m not talking about just the messy countertops, the clothes that haven’t been folded or the dirty dishes in the sink. What I’m saying is take a good look at everything that’s happening in your life, right here and right now. It’s heavy, right.

You Are NOT Alone

We’re going to craft a life you desire all in your own time with the support of our community. But it starts today.

  • less cleaning, more living
  • learning that it’s okay to let go
  • smiling and authentic happiness
  • feeling alive and well again
  • being true to YOU
  • acceptance, forgiveness, natural healing

Say Goodbye To The Clutter, Hello To The New You