7 Things To Do When You’re Sad

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Coping With Feelings Of Sadness

When we’re sad it is really important for our well being to know how to cope with the feelings. It’s normal to be sad at several points throughout our lives but knowing how to deal is going to improve our health and wellness as these feelings creep up on us.

How To Cope When You Are Sad

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things to do when you are sad
  • Plants are a great way to learn how to care for something new and these live creatures teach us things we didn’t even know they could teach us. Caring for a live houseplant is my number one go to when I’m down. Go to your local nursery, home depot, even the grocery store and look at the plants in the floral section. Pick a new green houseplant out that specifies low light tolerant on it and take her home. Be sure to inspect for pests and treat as necessary with an insecticidal soap. Treat if you notice any pests but don’t give up on her quite yet. Give her plenty of time to adapt in the new space. Avoid moving from room to room, set in an area that gets natural sunlight but not too much and leave her be for a while. Water weekly. Dip your finger in the soil to see if it’s dry. I like to dry my plants out and then give them a good shower each week, rinsing leaves and saturating the soil just enough to feed it. Set back in the same area to receive a good amount of sunlight. Clip dead leaves as they appear.
  • Declutter the countertops and prepare a nice bake out. I love baking but really dislike cooking so whenever the funk hits, a good homemade chocolate chip cookie order is calling. YUM.
  • Make a GOALS list of all the things you’d like to do and achieve over the next 5 years. Keeping up with your ideas and thoughts of the future is one thing but writing them down and posting them where you can be inspired is KEY. Top tier self care ladies.
  • Pull the fuzzy socks out, grab a cozy throw blanket and curl up with your favorite Netflix binge. Share your best shows in the comments below.
  • Support others who are hurting. There is happiness in sharing inspiration with the ones feeling sad too. You instantly raise your vibration when you offer some wishful words on a post of a friend or even a stranger in a FB group.
  • Organize your number one space in the home that you want to call your own. Make sure it’s a place you can go often to escape and bring in some pieces of art, inspirational sayings that will brighten the moment just by looking at it. I make sure that my office and bedroom is filled with my favorite books, magazines and coasters for my coffee, a weekly calendar hanging to make notes and a few of my cat pots with sage in them.
  • Get in tune with nature. It’s a natural way to treat anxiety, depression and calms the nervous system like no other. Don’t just spend a few seconds alone with the trees, stream of water, birds, butterflies, dying flowers, or even the mud…really sit and talk to it. It’s sometimes your only best friend.

What are some things you do when you are sad?

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The most important thing we can do is recognize when we are sad. Sadness is a normal feeling that we should never feel ashamed of.

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