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We are a bunch of moms, house cleaners, busy working women (and men) looking for everyday cleaning tips and hacks to simplify our routines to live a less cluttered lifestyle. Welcome! You will NOT be accepted into the community unless you read and sign that you have read the rules that are strictly enforced to keep the nature of our online groups healthy and drama free.

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Introduce Yourself. Tell us where you’re from, your tips and what you may need help with.

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  • Absolutely No Shaming– members have the right to express their need for help without you being rude or arrogant. This behavior is not tolerated and you will be blocked immediately. If you cannot help someone, don’t comment.
  • No Rudeness What So Ever– if we find your comment or response to be rude in any way, shape or form you will be eliminated from the group.
  • Reporting Posts + Comments– No one sees who is reporting but admins and this is the ONLY way we can keep our community healthy, so report what you see to be unhelpful, spam or rude/mean, nasty.
  • Do NOT Redirect– This defeats the purpose of our groups. Don’t send a member to look on Pinterest or Google. They certainly know they can look things up on there. They’re in our group for a reason…they want real advice, don’t shoo them away.
  • No Links Sharing– Unless you are a premium member there is no link sharing. To become a premium member of our group, contact us. Posts with links will not be approved. This goes for YouTube and IG, FB page sharing as well.
  • Members Privacy– Absolutely NO screenshots and re-posting on your personal pages to share a members private post. This has happened and you will be terminated. Respect everyone’s privacy.
  • Be Kind– Compassion goes a long way. Being respectful of ones home and posts can mean everything. If you don’t have any helpful advice just a nice comment will suffice.

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10 thoughts on “Community Rules

  1. Read & Agree! Its been so rewarding as I begin decluttering all that’s been collecting in every nook, cranny, & flat surface of my house.

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