Natural Healing

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Begin your wellness journey with these natural healing tips that include a video adopting the slow living movement, decluttering and simplifying your entire life. Watch the 7 minute video and then reflect on your healing journey in the comments.

On The Journey To Natural Healing

Healing all naturally through slow living. As you deep dive into this part of your life I want you to watch this video and then tell us where you are at right now with your feelings, health, healing and wellness. We’re going to be sharing ways you can start making changes in your daily lifestyle below.

  • declutter your space so you can feel alive and well every time you enter that area of the home (this includes your work space also)
  • embrace yourself with nature at specific times of the day (for many, morning or evening works best but you can also enjoy this during your lunch break or when traveling too)
  • mindfulness plays a critical role in healing because we need to take the time to breathe, think about what we’re doing and why, shift our mindset from a stage of funk, feeling stuck, sad, frustrated, and heavy to forgiveness, naturally healing, wellness, path to authentic happiness, acceptance, self love and moving forwards

How To Be Mindful

Slow down when doing everyday activities like brushing your teeth, showering, house cleaning, folding laundry and traveling from one place to the next. When we think about how rushed we normally are, we can take into consideration how important it is to slow down, even if it’s just a notch.

Think before you do something or say anything. What is this going to feel like when I do it or how am I going to react to something being said to me. If you’re normally someone who likes to talk a lot, cut back. There’s a wise old saying in : listen more often than speaking. It teaches us a lot.

Allow yourself enough time to get from one location to the next even if it’s just walking to get the mail. Take a moment to breathe in the air and visualize what’s happening around you. Look for the birds, up into the sky, at the different trees and how the landscaping is done.

Pick out clothing with intention. Rather than just tossing something on for the day, think about how it will make you feel. Craft a minimalist wardrobe and essentially make friends with your new style.

Natural Ways To Heal

Invest more in yourself as the days go by. Something as important as self care can be easily forgotten throughout the day. Prioritize pampering yourself. If you normally wouldn’t shower for more than 10 minutes (if that), give yourself that extra time in the water with a body scrub, clean rinse through the hair with apple cider vinegar, create a cozy space in your home for YOU only to come relax in and escape the outside world.

Meditate. This can be a few moments a day just with yourself. Talk to your God and tell them what you need, want, desire. Ask for forgiveness. Thank them.

Social detox.

Healthy meals.


Reiki. I enjoy reiki facials if you can find one in your area or just book a facial with an esthetician.

Mini road trips to clear your mind. Heck, for us mama’s sometimes it’s just an extra few moments in the car with the seat heater on.

Zen music.

A letter to your younger self.


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