Beginning Your Slow Living Journey

woman in bathrobe sitting on a lounge chair while drinking beverage

Balancing It All

It’s really important that you start creating a balanced routine. First block out your down-time for rest and slow living. Then block out time for work. This will give you more space to find a different way of doing things. Remember to schedule your week accordingly. Planners and lists are not a bad idea. Doing the same routine daily is also a good idea so that you can learn to live this new lifestyle.

Patience Is A Virtue

To start weaving some slow living into your life, it’s essential that you learn the art of patience. This can be a challenge, so the best way is to start small. Practice patience in small ways throughout your day. Start with small goals to make yourself wait. It could be waiting in line or waiting for a kettle to boil. Do so quietly and without your phone in your hand.


It’s difficult to leap straight into living slowly when we’ve been hard-wired to keep busy. Again, start with small steps. Choose small periods of time where you will be mindful daily. It could be while you are eating. Eat slowly, chewing more. It could be while you have your cup of tea. Listen to the sounds around you. Immerse yourself in your environment. Try moments of mindfulness in work and play.

On Being Alone

One of the biggest challenges in slow living is learning to be comfortable with being alone, even for small parts of our day, as we meditate or appreciate life. It’s important that you start to spend some time alone to learn to enjoy peace and solitude. Meditation is a great way to start with this. Soon you’ll learn to love it. After all, YOU are your own best friend!

Who You Surround Yourself With Means Everything

As we get older we appreciate more and more the importance of being around a supportive, loving group of people. Whether friends or family, it can be positive to surround yourself with a smaller circle of people that bring you joy and happiness. It’s ok to let unproductive or toxic relationships drop away. Focus on the good ones that lift you up!

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