8 Stunning Benefits Of Sleep

Getting a decent amount of sleep each night certainly has it’s benefits but did you know that if you lack sleep your body and mind will diminish over time?

Benefits Of Sleep

Sleep is necessary but we aren’t always mindful of getting enough of it, which results in a downward spiral of health issues including stress and depression. To avoid the negative side effects of sleep deprivation let’s start prioritizing it once and for all.

  • Body Rejuvenates– our bodies are working hard at restoring all the energy, burning calories and repairing our muscles for the next days activities. It’s not only important for us to get sleep just to be able to function but to maintain a healthy weight, keep our brains from fogging and soothing all the aches and pains associated with our daily lifestyle.
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benefits of sleep

Without a good nights rest our appearance, mood, and concentration are weakened. Healthy sleep is getting at least 7-9 hours every night undisturbed.

How Important Is Sleep

Some of us naturally have that fear of missing out mentality and therefore, lack sleep, sometimes only getting 3-5 hours per night. That’s not enough to replenish our minds and bodies. It’s important to turn off our brains in order to clonk out at a specific time each night.

In order for us to heal from essentially anything we must sleep. Trauma, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, disease and metal illness are on the rise due to sleep deprived individuals. It wasn’t until I had a major panic attack did I realize the damage I was doing to my entire body because of lack of sleep. My hormones weren’t allowing me to get a straight dose of 7 hours because I was waking up automatically after I fell asleep for an hour or two. The triggers in my body were:

  • Pain
  • Urination even after the smallest sip of water
  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Being uncomfortable
  • Mind not shutting off
  • Upset stomach
  • Varicose veins
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Stunning Health Benefits Of Sleep

Mood is happy, calm, relaxed and full of zen. All the good feels derive from getting plenty of sleep each night. It’s crucial. Not only does this help improve your mood, it defeats the negative energy that comes in contact with us. Our minds are more apt to know how to react and react well when approached the wrong way!

  • Less pain– naturally pain wakes me throughout the night but if I sleep with a heating blanket I am able to get more sleep. Some other natural ways to fight pain is Turmeric, being comfortable in bed with the right pillows and blankets propping one against your side to hug while you sleep, green tea before bed, a warm compress, an essential oil diffuser in the room with lavender going.
  • You look good– We all know that beauty sleep is top notch self care. Your skin, eyes, and hair look amazing and in turn this makes you feel really good as well. If you notice your skin breaking out more, the wrinkles are noticeable, you may even develop some beauty marks; start sleeping.

The recommended daily dose of sleep is 7-9 hours. Anything more than that can make you feel groggy. Anything less than 7 can impair your health.

Make it a habit to craft a structured morning and evening routine. We promote this more than anything because it sets your entire life up for success. Waking at the same time and going to bed at the same time typically every single day really improves your well being.

Success Over Deprivation

It’s important to create your morning routine along with an evening one to set your entire day up for success. I’ve naturally been able to wake each day after 6-7 hours of sleep because my body knows when it’s time to get up. But if you rely heavily on an alarm clock then I would suggest this:

  • Set the alarm for the same time each day even if you’re ‘OFF’ for the day
  • Upon waking make your bed or at least ‘TIDY‘ it up
  • Open the blinds
  • Go outside and get a natural dose of sunlight even if it’s cloudy
  • Drink 2 cups of coffee
  • Set up a strict night routine and follow it for at least 30 days to form a habit

Self Care Tips

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Sleep + Wellness Tips

Sleep + Wellness Tips

Gaining clarity and being able to think clear is a really nice benefit of beauty sleep. I would also suggest decluttering your entire bedroom in order to get quality sleep. It makes such a difference and the 3 piece furniture rule is a strict one of mine.

  • Clarity– this is a huge one especially if you’re taking our Mindset Minted course. To gain clarity on what it is that you want, you must be getting the proper vitamins, sleep and setting up your space to be able to actually think
  • You’re nicer– no one likes anyone who woke on the wrong side of the bed let alone someone who lacks sleep. You’re much nicer when you rest
  • Space is clean– getting sleep can actually result in your physical ability to clean up your space exactly the way you envision. To be motivated is one thing, to be energized is another…start sleeping
  • Less stroke risk– one of the things that really bothers me when I lack sleep are my headaches and migraines. But not only that, I can tell when my brain is on fire so to speak. The pain isn’t a normal headache or migraine attack. Those typically occur during the day and if you suffer from migraines such as I have in the past it’s crucial to be mindful of what you eat, toxic cleaning products and overly powering smells. Studies show that your lack of sleep can result in stroke, diabetes, heart attack and other underlying disease
  • Strive– empowerment is key and I would say that you need to empower yourself first. In order to strive at anything we need to sleep. It’s just non negotiable

How To Get Enough Sleep Each Night

So if you’re someone who struggles with sleeping because of the things we mentioned above, prepare your bedroom as a sanctuary to allow the sleep to occur successfully.

  • avoid sleeping during the day if you don’t work third shift
  • craft that morning and evening routine to a T
  • avoid caffeine after 3 pm
  • drink calming tea 1-2 hours before bed
  • use oil diffusers or make your DIY lavender spray to make the room drowsy



If you’re still struggling please talk to your doctor. Wellness matters. Until next time, no clutter please!

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