Benefits Of Journaling

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Journaling is the act of keeping track of your personal thoughts and feelings. It’s proven to improve your mental health and well being.

In this section I want you to start a journal if you haven’t already.

Journaling Is A Fantastic Way To Check In With Yourself

Create a habit of writing in a journal even if it’s only a few sentences (forming habits creates a balance of wellness and helps us strive to achieve our goals).

But Wait…”Writing Just Isn’t My Thing”

You don’t have to write on paper. Keeping a private online blog was a natural healing agent in my wellness journey. You can set up a free account with WordPress and set to private if that’s what you prefer.

  • Make it how you want- whether that’s doodling, drawing, writing a story or just jotting things down; do it with ease
  • Create a peaceful time block out of your day just for writing
  • Get a journal you can easily carry around in a purse or backpack
  • Take it with you wherever you go
  • Make it your best friend
  • When it comes to struggling with what to write use as an affirmations, goals guide and if you have nothing to say, start with just that
  • At least make an effort to write daily for 30 days to give yourself the challenge to see where this goes
  • It’s your diary so make it as personal as you wish. Crafting letters to your younger self, apologies to you and whomever else you wish, to the little girl who you wish you had as a mentor growing up, love letters, strangers amongst us, etc

Daily journaling can become a nature of habit for you when you make it a priority in your life. In the end, it could be your lifelong story that everyone reads when you parish. Something I personally need to do is start writing letters to my daughters. I will start right now.

Writing Prompts

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