How To Social Detox

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Social Detoxing and How It Affects Our Mental Health

Are you ready to ditch the negative people, places and things starting today? We invite you into our 90 day decluttering program that sets you up for eliminating the things that no longer hold space in your life. It’s time to break free from the toxic relationships whether that’s family, an old friend, partners, etc. Let’s get started.

90 Day Decluttering – Social Detox Lesson

We’re used to taking breaks from social media and a lot of you are familiar with our 3 day detox plan but, this goes far deeper into evaluating your life when it comes to who we involve ourselves with publicly; not just on a platform.

In Catherine Price’s How To Break Up With Your Phone you’ll learn how apps are designed to be addictive creating an interference with our ability to focus, adapt, form new memories. She helps you form a healthy relationship with your phone so that you don’t need to always reach “just to check!”

Learning to say “NO”- it’s important for us to take on this word as a positive moving forwards. We’re so used to doing everything to make everyone else comfortable but how about saying no “just because”. I tried this as a quiet experiment because I have a hard time with saying the word aloud. Rather than picking up the phone when someone called I let it go to voicemail. Instead of opening a text I left it for days. Not opening apps helped tremendously because I was unable to view posts from friends and family that are generally on these platforms to ask for help. The more I did this, the more I learned that saying NO is not only okay, but healthy and imperative to our well being.

The Challenge:

Social detoxing is a challenge that we must be mindful of everyday. As we head into our decluttering journey we will start to shut out the distractions that interfere with our health and well being. Slowly but gradually weed out the people, places and things that gives you anxiety, negative energy, unsettling feelings.

social detox tips
  • Morning Routine– avoid grabbing the phone first thing in the morning. Instead open the blinds, make the bed, tidy up your living space and enjoy coffee while you meditate
  • Social Media– rather than pulling up social media or texts first thing in the morning check your lists and journal for the day
  • Turn Off Notifications– for 1 week you will not have any social media notifications coming in. Write this on a calendar if need be
  • Do Not Reply– these moments are for you to grow so don’t be so quick to reply to a text message or phone call that isn’t important. Of course you can reply to your immediate family but try to minimize the texting and phone calls. Placing your phone somewhere in the house while you do activities is a great way to form this habit

It’s important to remember the people who are close to you and keep them in your circle during this transition. For those who are not, they don’t need to be with you during this time.

Grasp Nature, Do Something Different

Go Grocery Shopping Alone

Be Patient and Mindful Of What’s Going On Around You

Do Household Tasks In Slow Motion

Breathe, Be Well Rested

Be Determined and Motivated– this allows us to learn things about ourselves that we may have never come to know. Be dedicated to detoxing because you deserve this. You deserve to heal in ways you never thought imaginable.

Delete Social Media Friends That You No Longer Speak To

Unfollow Pages That No Longer Interest You

Declutter Your Timeline– go through the past things you posted and see if any of them don’t define you any longer. As time goes by we change, so something you may have written 10 years ago doesn’t really resinate with who you are today and moving forward

Look-Put Down-Then Respond– give yourself time to think about something that has been sent to you rather than responding immediately. I look at a text then put it down for a moment to make sure I have time to get my thoughts right. This is particularly when I get a message that isn’t so positive

It’s time to check in:

How Do You Social Detox?

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