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We are excited to be offering this option for those of you who enjoy telling a story that reflects the good, bad, ugly and sad. I mean a story doesn’t have to boast each of those characteristics in one letter but, we’re all on this decluttering journey together and it is my proud pleasure to be able to post yours here on our blog.

You can publish anonymously or publicly. The option is yours. This is a safe place to get your story out. The public version would link to any sites you’d like and mention your real names. Anonymous would just hide all the personal details of you like your name, etc. In either case, you WRITE the story and submit it here for publishing.

Writing is a natural way to heal. I recommend to all of my clients. What I love about having it out there on the internet is that you can reach a variety of people from all over the world. You never know who’s going to relate to your story, support you or connect with you on some type of level. Your chances of helping someone in need is far greater than writing in a paper journal. A blog is and can be your greatest online place to write. Public or privately.

How To Submit A Story

  • Must be over 1000 characters and typed out either in WordPad, email or something that can be easily transferred to our blog post
  • Pictures optional (we include stock photos if you don’t want to share any)
  • Email your story to victoriadecroce AT gmail DOT com with the subject line SUBMITTING A STORY

What We’re Looking For

Any story that is positive, uplifting even though there may have been struggles along the way.


Goals, planning, diary style

Letters to yourself

Dream home posts

Before, during and after projects

Decluttering, organizing hacks, tips, etc

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