How To Express Gratitude

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One of the first things we like to work on is how we express gratitude. Now you may already be thankful and grateful for everything you have but throughout this journey gratitude becomes a part of who we are.

Gratitude is an act of kindness through the expression of being thankful and grateful for the things you have in your life. You learn how to adapt to struggles and mishaps when you express gratitude each and every day.

How To Express Gratitude

For each new day I want you to think of a really important, little thing that has happened to you that you are ever so grateful for. It could be a piece of cake from a bakery. How did it make you feel when you were treated with kindness. Did you go into the shop feeling happy, alive and well?

Setting yourself up for good feelings is important and a critical step towards authentic freedom.

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Raise Your Vibration With Gratitude

  • I personally like to be mindful of when I’m expressing gratitude throughout the day. I may do it each morning as I wake if I am able to embrace a simple, slow living moment. If not, I may do it while driving down the road. Or, in the evening when I am finally relaxing for the day. It’s going to be up to you to craft this into your lifestyle.
  • Shower- I know you’re probably thinking this has nothing to do with expressing gratitude but when you set out for the day well pampered, your vibration rises because you feel good. Performing self care is one of the greatest ways to increase our happiness, wellness and kindness.
  • Show compassion in every situation. This took me a long time to learn because I was so hard wired to have everything go “MY WAY” and in the end I just learned that I was fighting against myself. And the universe treated me how I treated people. If you’re impatient, slow down and take your time allowing another customer in front of you in the line. Be pleasant and smile at the cashier without attitude. Genuine kindness will come out of you when you adopt the slow living movement. It just teaches us to think about others in a way we never did before.
  • Breathe- the very best thing we can do throughout the day is breathe. Breathing exercises can be incorporated into your daily gratitude sessions.

Print and write down what you are grateful for every single day for the next 30 days. It can be anything from hugging a friend you’ve missed, a simple phone chat, the neighbor waving hi, the corn you ate out of a can, the water you took a bath in, a cup of hot coffee, the baked cookies you burnt, birds carrying twigs back to their nest, the lady in front of you who paid for your order, a kind waitress, the new book you’re reading, cozy slippers, a splash of sunshine….

You attract what you give out to the universe.

raising your vibration through gratitude

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