7 Ways To Invest In Yourself

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During your decluttering journey you will discover ways to invest in yourself and wellness will become a huge part of your life. We are so much more than just a decluttering and house cleaning community. Our mission is to help you start to declutter the physical stuff and continue this style of living because what it does for your mental health is far more important than anything we will ever own physically. Here’s 7 ways you can invest in yourself with a worksheet to printout.

Invest In Yourself Lesson

Over the next several months as you declutter more and more of the items in your homes, you’ll begin to feel a relief like no other. It is now time to fully invest in yourself and we will talk about that a lot during the course of this project. Putting YOU first always starts to become habit for you moving forwards.

How To Invest In Yourself

Meditation is a huge part of the slow living movement and teaches us how to break free from the emotional guilt, shame, lies, fears that we ultimately cannot overcome without being mindful of our mental well being. Meditating doesn’t have to be full force in guide if you’re uncomfortable with that specific setting. When you consider meditating it can mean just a few quiet moments daily to yourself without any distractions.

Grab a moment each day to sit quietly or relax in a state of calmness. I prefer mornings because it’s my time to prepare and drink my coffee without the tv on, open the blinds to let nature in and sit freely without my husband, the kids or the dogs. I allow the cats to purr against me but this is when I close my eyes, take in some deep/slow breathes, relax and think of nothing but clarity.

  • Let the session guide you (like I said it doesn’t have to be long, it can be a brief moment of relaxation)
  • Close your eyes and relax your shoulders with your feet flat on the floor
  • Breathe- take in a deep breathe slowly, hold for 3 seconds, exhale for 3 seconds. I use the 3 second rule because it’s allowing me to get the proper air in and out while I’m clearing my brain
  • Don’t rush this part of your day. Make it a habit and do faithfully expressing gratitude and affirmations afterwards

New Books To Start Reading

Eat A Plant Based Diet– super hard to do if you’re so used to eating anything you like, but after getting severely sick to the point of nearly dying, tests after tests, case studies and more, I discovered a food allergy to just about every allergen. Wheat. Going on a gluten free diet and flipping the package over to make sure it didn’t also have soybean oil, sesame or nuts in it helped my healing aliments tremendously. I can’t really eat much of anything. The variety is limited. I can enjoy cow’s milk which is oddly something that settles my gut after my gallbladder removal. All in moderation of course.

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Drink More Water, The 3 Minute Exercise and Rest A Lot

I never enjoyed water more than I do today after getting those blood results back. My intake is always scarce but I am learning to detox my system through good drinking water skills. There’s nothing like it. Our bodies deserve to be free from toxins. And, that’s the fastest way to do it.

I’m such a lazy snob when it comes to exercise but I make it a habit each day to go up and down the stairs at least 3 times a day and squat whenever I’m getting naked in the bathroom before a shower.

Sleep is so essential. I wrote an entire article about the benefits when I was deprived and I can only attest that it is the most rewarding and investing things we can do for ourselves.

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Ways To Embrace Nature

Get lost in nature almost on the daily! This is an investment in you that only you’ll be able to describe with others. Nature is an all natural way to heal and I often invite our members to purchase a live houseplant, get used to caring for them and find a way to allow the natural light in. Don’t keep the blinds closed. Instead open them and get in tune with your body, mind and feelings when attending to your home, plants, and most importantly yourself.

How Are You Investing In Yourself – drop the comments and share your tips

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