Minimalist Mindset

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You don’t have to adopt the minimalist lifestyle in full to craft this mindset. It can be a scary word for some, so let me be very clear: you don’t have to become a full blown minimalist to benefit from these challenges.

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Mindset Lesson: Minimalist Mind

Before you can start decluttering anything physically, you need to be working on your mindset for a few weeks prior to diving into the cleaning, organizing and declutter.

Make A List : write down what you want your home to look like in specific terms. IE: My home is clutter free. I have a clean home. It’s my duty to live freely. When my space is clean I can think more clearly. These are just examples but I am anxious to see your list. Drop the comments below to get your list started.

Create A Vision Board : here’s the post if you missed it before

Morning + Evening Routine : Create a strict morning and evening routine during these first few weeks. This helps form habit and I want you to start with going to bed and waking at the same time each day for the next 3 weeks. Set an alarm or reminder if you need. When you wake up in the morning express gratitude, open the blinds, make/tidy up the bed and living space. Grab a cup of coffee and meditate for a few moments. Say your affirmations and feel the words as you say them. What will it feel like when I say: “I am clean, happy and free.” “I deserve a clean home.” “Cleaning comes easy for me.” Go to bed at a specific time turning off all communication, relaxing, diffusing the lavender essential oil, tidy up your home before heading into bed.

My Perfect Home Exercise :

Get into the habit of being more minimal in your mind so that you can take action in a few weeks.

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