How To Start Decluttering

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There’s so much to the saying, “Just start!” But as the busy mama knows, it’s harder than you think. If you were never taught how to clean or organize, this household chore can seem very daunting. We want to prevent the overwhelm that is associated with the word decluttering alone in order to start the process.

How to start decluttering

In my recent ebook, “The Lazy Moms Guide To Decluttering, Organizing and Cleaning“, I share the most important step to beginning your journey. Mindset is everything. And, it’s really critical to incorporate this into your current lifestyle before you can take action.

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how to start your decluttering journey

Start Decluttering Lesson

If you are new here drop a comment letting us know where you are at in this decluttering process. Today is all about getting used to the task, but also becoming more and more comfortable with the word alone. To ‘declutter’ is to rejuvenate. Remember that!

Grab a pen and paper to start making a list:

  • Mindset– write down what you want your home style to be/print out your vision board
  • Daily decluttering to form habit– pick the room you are focusing on for that week and write down what your goal is for that area. Document what you had before and what you have after the week is up
  • Create space within the space– dedicate a space in the room to create an aesthetically pleasing area – IE: baskets for under the cabinets or linen closets without just tossing things in the baskets to hide (decor, style and happy vibes): organize the space within the space
  • Envision– think about how you want your space to appear and remind yourself of this everyday (print pics for inspiration)
  • Post your progress below
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organize bathroom items with wire baskets

What helps me with the visual clutter on bathroom vanities is using some style of basket that I can throw some essentials in and then tuck under the sink cabinet. This clears up the space after you’ve finished getting ready but keep in mind that this isn’t a ‘THROW FOR ALL!’

You want to maintain a clean basket throughout the week as well, so don’t just toss things in there to tuck them away. Be sure to get rid of things you don’t use during this process. Habits create lifelong success and a happiness that only you will be able to feel once you apply them to your structured routines.

Remember to do what feels right for you. If keeping the toxic sunscreen after you went no tox with your beauty products doesn’t feel right, ditch it immediately. You’ll feel the weight lifted and then you can successfully go on with your journey.

What are you currently struggling with to get rid of?

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