Forgiveness Lesson

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Welcome to your safe space! Whether you’re going through one of the most difficult times of your life or you’ve been battling the thought of forgiveness for some time now, you are in the right place. You might feel angry, sad, unfairly treated, excruciating pain, or maybe those feelings haven’t even been brought to the surface quite yet. It’s okay, and this is normal.

If you’re stuck, not sure where any of this may be going, take a deep breath and let’s take the first step in learning all there is to know about forgiveness.

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learning how to let go through forgiveness

Forgiveness Lesson

The Process Of Forgiveness Takes Time

Are you resistant to the idea of forgiveness? There is no right or wrong answer. This is how you feel, and no one is here to cast judgement. Have you been unable to grasp the thought of forgiving someone who has hurt you? Forgiveness doesn’t always fix things, relationships or certain circumstances, but it can help improve the quality of your life.

Journaling To Forgive Others & Yourself– I want you to take this time to start your online journal through WP. Sign into your account and start a free site. You can also choose to purchase your own domain. Whatever choice you make is yours (private or public). You’re going to use this for personal writing only.

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Creating an online journal with WP

When you log into your account you will see options for setting up your site. WordPress walks you through it but if you need guidance please reach out.  Start your first post as a letter to yourself about forgiveness. Can be whatever feelings you want to write to yourself, whatever comes to mind in regards to forgiveness. These posts become your online journal. You can write a new one daily or weekly, even monthly. Add content here that will only be visible to your subscribers.

Give yourself plenty of self care and breathing exercises in between each journal post. Don’t overwhelm. Simply write, come back again tomorrow.

Consider becoming willing to forgive even if you don’t know how to right now:

  • you’re not going to have all the right answers or know what’s happening while doing these writing prompts but it will all comes together in due time
  • imagine the freedom that will come when you finally do forgive
  • think of a place, a safe place that you will be physically when you unveil these feelings
  • what will happen if I do not forgive? ask yourself this very serious question and contemplate on what the outcome will be if you choose not to forgive

Write a letter to your younger self

Write A Letter To Your Younger Self

In this writing prompt I want you to write a letter to your younger self expressing any apologies, asking her for forgiveness for the way she was treated, what she went through and tell her it was not her fault. Express anything that comes to mind when writing this letter to her. Think about what you would say to this little girl if you were the adult in her life right now. When you are finished I want you to read it out loud.

Print the download above if you need paper to write on OR go to your WordPress account and create your first blog post to write this letter. It will be totally up to you whether you want to share or not.

Working on yourself during this healing time:

It’s important for you to continue this forgiving nature because it only perfects the healing that we crave and deserve. It works, but it takes daily commitment to letting go.

  • Spend as much time alone getting in tune with your body, wellness and healing as possible
  • Get a massage or facial. Treating yourself to a wellness visit every month does the body good in terms of forgiving you and the person who may have caused damage in your life
  • Forgive without them knowing. This was a critical one for myself because I knew that if I didn’t forgive her (without saying the words to her) emotionally, I would never be able to move forwards in life. I had to learn how to better understand their upbringing, what they endured to forgive them for hurting me
  • Forgive yourself day in and day out. It wasn’t your fault. You didn’t deserve this. Repeat after me:

I forgive myself for the things I cannot change. What happened to me was not my fault. I didn’t deserve this. I forgive myself because I deserve healing. I deserve to move on with my life and allow all good things to come to me. I deserve happiness. I deserve to smile. I deserve to let go of the burden. Nothing can block me anymore. I am free.

forgiving myself because i deserve to live life with intent

What are you forgiving yourself for right now?

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