15 Minute Decluttering Challenge

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This quick, easy 15 minute decluttering challenge sets you up for a life less cluttered. Each month I want you to start focusing on a strict, yet simplified declutter routine.

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decluttering challenge

Now because this is a challenge you’ll need:

  • a timer
  • garbage bag (use smaller recyclable bags if you wish)
  • one medium sized box or bin
  • energy (do not attempt this challenge without getting a good nights rest prior)
  • a printed plan (see PDF below)
  • calmness within the home (ideally I like to be home alone when attempting this kind of speed cleaning but if anyone else is there just do when it’s not busy)
  • set mindset explained below

15 Minute Declutter Challenge

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  1. This is such a great challenge! Having the clutter gone really makes a difference!

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