15 Minute Decluttering Challenge

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This quick, easy 15 minute decluttering challenge sets you up for a life less cluttered. Each month I want you to start focusing on a strict, yet simplified declutter routine.

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decluttering challenge

Now because this is a challenge you’ll need:

  • a timer
  • garbage bag (use smaller recyclable bags if you wish)
  • one medium sized box or bin
  • energy (do not attempt this challenge without getting a good nights rest prior)
  • a printed plan (see PDF below)
  • calmness within the home (ideally I like to be home alone when attempting this kind of speed cleaning but if anyone else is there just do when it’s not busy)
  • set mindset explained below

How To Speed Clean + Declutter

Welcome to today’s lesson everyone! If you’re new here say hi in the comments below and tell us where you are at in this decluttering game. When we do these challenges remember to avoid overwhelm. Any time you feel exhausted, stop what you are doing and pick up another time. Never push yourself because this creates an unhealthy relationship with the program. Do when you are feeling your absolute best.

After you have gathered your supplies listed above and printed your worksheet out we can go ahead and start the challenge.

Declutter Your Home In 15 Minutes Or Less

  • Set timer for 15 minutes
  • Grab a small trash bag and begin in Area 1
  • In order to do this successfully you must have the right mindset: Be determined, adopt the ‘Don’t Think, Just Toss’ method, give yourself 2 seconds to ask yourself if you NEED or WANT the item, toss in garbage or box for donation. You MUST not overthink this
  • Remember not to stress about the situation and have FUN with this: even if you just toss one thing, it’s something…progress over perfection. Right now we’re just forming healthy habits
  • Go to each area on the chart to complete the challenge
  • When the timer is up gather your items in the box and set near the door to drop off the next day or place a FREE sign on the box and set it outside your home for neighbors or curb hunters to grab (if possible)
  • Take the trash out- I find it helpful to remove the items from your home immediately after a challenge

To Receive Certification

Congratulations on participating in our 15 minute decluttering challenge. Whether this is your first time doing the speed cleaning or you’re a pro by now, you deserve recognition. We are proud to present you with a certificate that you can hang on your wall or save to your phone for memories. Once you submit your before and after photos or video/reel to us at


Included in this lesson:

  • Video presentation
  • PDF list to download/calendar with areas to complete
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Tips, tricks, detailed decluttering challenge with inspiration, motivation and no overwhelm
  • must be part of our 90 day program to access
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  1. Mackenzie Dates Avatar
    Mackenzie Dates

    This is such a great challenge! Having the clutter gone really makes a difference!

    1. Victoria DeCroce Avatar

      Thanks Mackenzie! Glad you enjoyed it….doesn’t it feel amazing

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