Depression & Natural Remedies

photo of woman raising both hands

What is depression and how to naturally cope

waking at the same time each day and creating a healthy morning routine that involves eating oats, drinking 1-2 cups of black coffee, getting morning sun by going outside for a few moments in the early morning, receiving plenty of sleep at night, tidying up your space, mediation, supportive community
not mentioned in the video but allow yourself to get plenty of exercise each day that includes some sweating because that naturally releases the toxins in our bodies and when our bodies don’t sweat it holds onto the stress for years
craft a slow living vibe
stand back and reflect on your feelings: write them down in a journal

Depression is a serious illness that requires medical attention and you must seek help from your PCP before taking any natural supplements. In this section of the course we discuss what depression is and how to naturally deal with it, resulting in a healthier you! [Watch Video Above]

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