Benefits Of Decluttering

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In this lesson of the decluttering for beginners we’re going to be talking about the benefits and how this act alone will help improve your lifestyle moving forwards.

The Benefits of Decluttering

When we clear out the physical clutter it not only makes us smile and feel a sense of weight lifted, but our mindset starts to shift. It’s incredible what a little tidying up can do each day and we’re going to make this a strict habit in our lives beginning today.

In the act alone you will start to feel emotions that may arise out of no where. Typically any task can stir up feelings you didn’t even know were there.

How Decluttering Often Benefits Your Lifestyle

  • Combats stress and anxiety, worry and fear
  • Makes cleaning 10 X easier, faster
  • Saves money
  • Avoids infestations, bugs, dust and toxic pollutants in the air
  • Opens up your availability to explore more, do more
  • Allows you to break free from all the things you’ve been holding onto
  • Helps you move on
  • Allows you to grow, expand
  • Discovery of self worth, self love and forgiveness
  • Naturally starts the inner healing process
  • Learn more about who you are and what you want to be
  • Freedom to go anywhere at any given time
  • Own a sense of style you’ve been longing for
  • Seek out your desired and authentic happiness

Dangers Of Clutter + Hoarding

Clutter can easily be obtained by the hoarding mentality. We may not even know we carry this trait until it’s far too late. When considering the amount of clutter we have, think about the dangers that we’re bringing into the home, and how it’s invading our family:

  • infestations– rodents, roaches, bugs of any kind, even dust can do damage to not only our homes but our physical health, making you sick with asthma, allergies, migraines and certain cancers
  • our homes are more toxic than outdoors so we want to prevent invisible fumes, gases, chemicals in the air that can diminish our well being
  • tripping, falling, bruising from bumping into things
  • overeating, depression, anxiety, mental health issues

Get rid of toxic fumes like dryer sheets, candles, dust (did you know this is an actual toxin carrying mold and flame retardant characteristics), fabric softener, bleach, chemical household cleaners, plugins, incense, burners and sprays.

Focus on clearing out the space in each room with a 3 rule furniture minimum. This helps you avoid pieces of furniture that may be too bulky for the room, allows you to walk freely in a space and invites positive energy flow.

  • Being able to set clear paths in each room navigating the home is good Feng Shui. This energy is allowed to flow freely giving your space a positive energy that increases mood, wealth and productivity.
  • Nothing over the headboard or under the bed. Clutter derives from too much home decor, unnecessary storage and pileup. Make it a rule to keep the headboard wall free from distraction and underneath of the bed to have air to breathe so to speak. This is a space of rest and relaxation so in order to rest peacefully, it needs to be clean.


Download and print the habit tracker below to start making a list of what your habits are. Print as many as you wish. Make note of the healthy reasons to incorporate decluttering into your routines.

Lesson 2 Includes:

  • PDF Habit Tracker Download
  • List of benefits and dangers to decluttering

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