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Victoria DeCroce- Life Coach, Wellness Enthusiast, Blogger, Founder of The Uncluttered Project

We provide our clients with the best online mentoring, coaching and wellness services focusing on minimalism, decluttering, all natural house cleaning, healthy living, slowing down, and mindset challenges. Currently you can join any of our programs to get started.

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Life Goals

The Uncluttered Project was founded by decluttering expert Victoria DeCroce. She is dedicated to supporting you on this lifelong journey to better health; mentally and physically. With a background in professional blogging and house cleaning, she turned her small business into an online community where you can get mentored and coached via the internet. When the pandemic hit there was no more in person cleaning, so we ditched the wear and tear that everyday household chores brings and started focusing on crafting simple routines that conquered the overwhelm and stress. Bye Bye Scrubbing, Hello Cozy Cleaners!

Our programs are designed to set you up for success with decluttering, minimizing and letting go with ease. You’ll be able to create a life that feels authentic to you. What’s different about us is that we don’t tell you how to clean or organize your home. We allow you to figure that out while unveiling all the blocks that prevent you from living the life you desire. You regain control, sanity and a purpose without feeling guilty.

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