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  • Journaling Prompts

    Journaling Prompts

    Journaling Prompts for the Clutter Free Living course + community! If you’re not a part of our free course called Embarking On A Life Less Cluttered you can access the journaling part through there. Morning writing prompts for healthier living, mindset transformation Self love writing prompts to build confidence, worth, attraction, power and commitment to…

  • Quote Of The Day

    Quote Of The Day

    Deciding to live means slowing down and noticing the gifts of each ordinary day. Listening as people speak – noticing their quirks and artistry. Tasting your food and feeling her touch. Offering and receiving love, no guarantees. No more hiding. No more wishing yourself away. Fully receiving the sacred gift of today. – Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui

  • Benefits Of Decluttering

    Benefits Of Decluttering

    In this lesson of the decluttering for beginners we’re going to be talking about the benefits and how this act alone will help improve your lifestyle moving forwards. The Benefits of Decluttering When we clear out the physical clutter it not only makes us smile and feel a sense of weight lifted, but our mindset…

  • Depression & Natural Remedies

    Depression & Natural Remedies

    What is depression and how to naturally cope Depression is a serious illness that requires medical attention and you must seek help from your PCP before taking any natural supplements. In this section of the course we discuss what depression is and how to naturally deal with it, resulting in a healthier you! [Watch Video…

  • Forgiveness Lesson

    Forgiveness Lesson

    Welcome to your safe space! Whether you’re going through one of the most difficult times of your life or you’ve been battling the thought of forgiveness for some time now, you are in the right place. You might feel angry, sad, unfairly treated, excruciating pain, or maybe those feelings haven’t even been brought to the…

  • How To Express Gratitude

    How To Express Gratitude

    One of the first things we like to work on is how we express gratitude. Now you may already be thankful and grateful for everything you have but throughout this journey gratitude becomes a part of who we are. Gratitude is an act of kindness through the expression of being thankful and grateful for the…

  • 7 Ways To Invest In Yourself

    7 Ways To Invest In Yourself

    During your decluttering journey you will discover ways to invest in yourself and wellness will become a huge part of your life. We are so much more than just a decluttering and house cleaning community. Our mission is to help you start to declutter the physical stuff and continue this style of living because what…

  • Minimalist Mindset

    Minimalist Mindset

    You don’t have to adopt the minimalist lifestyle in full to craft this mindset. It can be a scary word for some, so let me be very clear: you don’t have to become a full blown minimalist to benefit from these challenges. Mindset Lesson: Minimalist Mind Before you can start decluttering anything physically, you need…

  • Relationships & Clutter

    Relationships & Clutter

    Do you avoid having friends and family over because of the clutter? Is your home something you’re embarrassed of? Are you constantly finding excuses as to why someone cannot come to your house. In this lesson we are going to start decluttering to break free from the toxic relationship you have between avoiding loved ones…

  • How To Social Detox

    How To Social Detox

    Social Detoxing and How It Affects Our Mental Health Are you ready to ditch the negative people, places and things starting today? We invite you into our 90 day decluttering program that sets you up for eliminating the things that no longer hold space in your life. It’s time to break free from the toxic…