Mini Closet Purge

In this section I want you to select a time each and every day to look through your clothes and closets to get into the habit of going more and more minimal. This is a MINI closet purge so take about 10 minutes daily to do this challenge.

The Minimal ‘Mini’ Closet Purge Challenge

The reason this is a mini challenge is because clothing and accessories can be one of our greatest collections. We want to make this a simple process that’s done overtime because sure, it’s super easy to declutter once a year but we’re not aiming for this kind of lifestyle. We need to commit each and everyday to owning only the clothes and items we absolutely need.

  • Take one small section of the closet (or drawers) and visualize what you want it to look like, then walk away
  • Come back in a few minutes and look again
  • Now take the action by removing clothing that you can honestly say, “I don’t want this anymore”
  • Toss in the donation bag or a trash bag to throw away
  • Do this until you get that small section done
  • Tomorrow I want you to do the same thing in the next section
  • Repeat until the month is over and see how far you have come

Small Closet Purging Leads To A Less Cluttered Lifestyle

Remain consistent and remember that habits lead to success. Do small sections at a time to prevent overwhelm.

Do NOT pull out a bunch of clothes to dig through. Avoid this at all costs. Simply look at what you’ve got and start pulling a few items from the closet or drawer that you don’t need or want anymore.

Leave a comment when you are finished with each section. Bonus points for sharing pics as well.

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