Declutter Your Life, Mind and Home

Are you ready to start decluttering your entire life? We focus on more than just the home…it’s a whole mind thing too!

Tired of the overwhelm, the stressful cleaning routines, the pile up that appears out of nowhere?

If you answered YES, this 30 day challenge is for YOU. Start here today and let’s get uncluttered together.

You’ve got this!

Week 1 – Mindset Work

Week 2 & 3 – Home Declutter

Week 4 – Life Declutter

In this last part of the challenge I want you to get clear on what it is that you want. Take a few moments each day to say your prayers (if you’re spiritual) and seek guidance from a higher power. This needs to become an everyday habit in order to achieve the life you desire. What needs to be done is :

  • you need to choose what is best for you in your present moment
  • you need to then act upon whatever it is that you wish to seek out
  • remember that life is always evolving and you will too if you follow your rituals


Goal Setting Checklist

Published by Victoria DeCroce

Victoria DeCroce is a decluttering expert who transforms the mindset of individuals who want to ditch the physical, mental and emotional clutter. The Uncluttered Project is an online community that guides you through a process of adopting a new lifestyle to bring wealth, happiness and calmness to your life.

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