How To Perform A Successful Closet Purge

With any decluttering routine I almost always check in on my clothing to perform some style of purge throughout the month. That’s because new trends may spark an interest and I update my minimalist wardrobe quite often.

In order to successfully purge clothing, I want you to select a time each and every day to look through your clothes to get into the habit of going more and more minimal.

This is a MINI closet purge so, take about 10 minutes daily to do this challenge.

The Minimal ‘Mini’ Closet Purge Challenge

If you’re not familiar with the beginning steps to decluttering you may find this interesting.

The reason this is a mini challenge is because clothing and accessories can be one of our greatest collections. We want to make this a simple process that’s done overtime because sure, it’s super easy to declutter once a year but we’re not aiming for this kind of lifestyle. We need to commit each and everyday to owning only the clothes and items we absolutely need.

  • Take one small section of the closet (or drawers) and visualize what you want it to look like, then walk away
  • Come back in a few minutes and look again
  • Now take the action by removing clothing that you can honestly say, “I don’t want this anymore”
  • Toss in the donation bag or a trash bag to throw away
  • Do this until you get that small section done
  • Tomorrow I want you to do the same thing in the next section
  • Repeat until the month is over and see how far you have come

Small Closet Purging Leads To A Less Cluttered Lifestyle

Remain consistent and remember that habits lead to success. Do small sections at a time to prevent overwhelm.

Do NOT pull a bunch of clothes out to dig through. Avoid this at all costs. Simply look at what you’ve got and start pulling a few items from the closet or drawer that you don’t need or want anymore.

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How To Prepare

  • Envision what you want your closet to look like by printing out some inspirational photos, making a vision board and really thinking about this project daily
  • Make a plan to revisit this space often to ask yourself if you really LOVE the item or not. I often like to hold onto something that I’m hesitant about getting rid of but by the following week I am so over looking at it. If you will never use or wear again, just donate
  • Train your brain to think someone else needs it more
  • Donate at least once every couple of weeks if you have a ton of clothes, accessories, handbags, shoes
  • Sort the clothing that you are DEFINITELY keeping by moving them to one side of the closet
  • Place the shoes you are keeping in some style of organizer or over the door rack. This frees up space
  • Adopt the “Don’t Think, Just Toss” mentality – this is something we like to do each time we ask ourselves if we want the piece or not. Give yourself a few seconds to think about it and that’s it. Maybe items can get shoved to a space for next weeks declutter. No items can go in donation or garbage. Yes items stay in the closet or drawer

When you’re ready to purge your closet mentally, you can then take action.

stack of jeans on white shelf

Taking Action

  • Pull any jeans that may be hanging and fold in a stack. Limit to 5 pairs. If this doesn’t happen this week, aim for the 5 jeans only goal over the next 3 months
  • Invest in a garment rack if you want to build your minimalist wardrobe. This helps you visually see what pieces of clothing you have and want to keep
  • Use same style of hangers. I purchased these wood hangers because they are aesthetically pleasing and make me happy each time I walk into my room to get dressed. They help the clothes stay hung and gives you something to look forward to each day. Somehow they increase productivity and a wellness that only you will be able to describe
  • Give yourself the freedom to walk into the closet and own the space. Be the boss and be honest with yourself. Ditch anything with a past vibe that you no longer want to hold onto, let go of the things that will never fit again and embrace the new you
  • Immediately toss or donate things you haven’t worn within 6 months- stop saving for a rainy day
  • Host a weekly sale on Poshmark to sell and make money for the things that hold value. This way you’re not regretting anything
  • Build off the commitment to living with less. You can do it
  • Be proud of yourself. This is not easy, I can attest. But the feeling of reward is indescribable for sure

Let’s check in-

Leave a comment when you are finished with any part of this process. Bonus points for sharing pics as well.

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