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90 Day Program

A three month decluttering challenge that sets you up for healthier living

Mindset, Energy, Healing, Letting Go, Learning To Go Minimal Without Becoming A Full Blown Minimalist

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Get inside access of daily lessons that will change your life starting almost immediately! We focus on mental clearing, house cleaning, decluttering and organizing while breaking free from the guilt, the lies, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, fear and focus on self love, natural healing, wellness, healthy living, slowing down, mindfulness, mindset transformation, wealth and more!

How The Program Works

Our 90 day decluttering challenge is designed to help you gain the clarity you desire. Starting small with each new day, continuing to strive to live better and healthier through minimalism, positive mindset, slow living, no tox cleaning and energy healing. Discover self love, worth and authentic happiness along the way. This program helps you craft a lifestyle you’ll fall in love with, not a daily chore list.

Each week you’ll start creating structured routines that you’re comfortable with, giving you an outlook on where you want all of this to go.

Once the 90 days are up you will still have access to the program. We understand that some of us go at a different pace than others. Unlimited access for all.

What’s Included

  • getting comfy with the word decluttering and how to go about taking action
  • understanding minimalism and choosing to go minimal without becoming a full blown minimalist
  • mindset and energy work
  • how to master new habits
  • natural ways to heal, journaling, meditation guides, energy transformation
  • social detox
  • closet purging
  • kitchen decluttering
  • slow living
  • videos, presentations, guides, checklists and more
  • wellness and healthy living routines
  • no tox cleaning
  • lifetime access, go at your own pace
  • support group
  • additional bonuses, resources
  • new content as the course grows
  • product declutter
  • benefits, depression and remedy guide
  • becoming you, forgiveness
  • quotes, inspiration, motivation
  • accountability partners
  • discount 50% off 1:1 sessions
  • live student video walk throughs, helping each other forum
  • how to create a wellness in the home
  • Feng Shui
  • daily/weekly decluttering
  • mindfulness, breathing exercises
  • the list cont’

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